300 kg/h Continuous Pani Puri Frying Machine丨Hot Selling Golgappa Fryer Machine

Raw Material:Flour
Capacity: 200-500 kg/h
Applications: This machine is used to fry pani puri,golgappa,etc.
Advantages:The automatic pani puri frying machine adopts intelligent digital display thermostat, automatically controls the temperature after setting the frying temperature, and the frying time can be controlled to avoid manual operation error and affecting the product process quality.

The introduction of automatic pani puri frying machine:

This machine is used to make pani puri or glogappa.The machine adopts an advanced oil-water mixing process, with oil frying pani puri in the upper layer and water receiving the fried residue in the lower layer, so the oil will not turn black.This efficient pani puri frying machine adopts advanced and efficient heating system, which has heat preservation effect, can save energy, improve work efficiency and reduce production cost.The frying equipment can not only fry pani puri, but also fry chips, potato chips, banana chips and so on.Widely used in restaurants, hotels, canteens, food manufacturers and other group meal departments.

pani puri frying machine

The functions of pani puri frying machine:

1. Efficient Fried function: double stainless steel screw mesh belt, namely, pressure mesh belt, feed mesh belt.Inverter motor integrated control, network belt using inverter, speed adjustable, adjustable on and off the network belt spacing, can meet the processing requirements of different products.Press material net belt can ensure that the product is inside the edible oil, ensure the frying quality of the product, scraper type discharge way, discharge thoroughly, high degree of automation.

2. Automatic heating function: 1. Direct heating inside the electric heat pipe, different power can be selected according to different Fried products, and different frying time and temperature can be set. The electric heat pipe is located in the middle of the belt of the feed network, which heats up in a timely and efficient manner to meet the needs of normal production.It can be lifted and lowered together with the mesh belt support, which is convenient for maintenance and cleaning.

3. Lampblack function: remove the lampblack and moisture in the process of production in time. There is a fire nozzle inside the cover. The fire extinguisher is prepared by the customer.The chimney is equipped with a damper to prevent fire and deal with it timely and quickly, so as to ensure the overall environmental sanitation and personal safety of workers.

4.Lifting function: button automatic lifting system can realize separate or integrated lifting of lampblack hood, pressing net belt and conveying net belt, and the gap between pressing net belt and conveying net belt can be adjusted to meet the processing requirements of different products.At the same time, it is convenient for workers to maintain and clean the internal body.

5. Slag scraping function: the slag removal system is controlled separately and can be opened according to actual production needs.The residue in the oil can be recovered by the slow drive of the slag scraper.After the residue is collected, it falls into the residue collection tank and can be cleaned at any time.After the net belt bracket falls into the oil tank, the gap between the slag scraper and the conveying net belt is small, and the bottom residue will fall into the deep fry tank, to ensure the quality of edible oil and service cycle.

6. Heat preservation function: aluminum silicate heat preservation cotton is used in the frying area, and the heat preservation cotton is packed with tin sheets and fixed with rivets to prevent heat loss and ensure the personal safety of workshop workers.The integral stainless steel square pipe is used as the main support, which is fixed as a whole in sections to ensure that the equipment will not deform when heated for a long time.The exterior of the equipment is decorated with stainless steel wire drawing board to ensure the overall beauty of the equipment.

7. Control function: the control cabinet is made of stainless steel, which is waterproof, ventilated and has good heat dissipation effect.

The advantages of pani puri frying machine:

1. The machine is simple to operate, high degree of automation, no need for special operation, can be used alone can also be used in the production line.

2. The machine output, high production efficiency, machine output can be customized according to customer needs.

3. The machine is made of high quality 304 stainless steel, which is more in line with international food safety standards,in the production process and will not corrode the contaminated food.

Technial Data
Model GG-4500
Heating type Electric
Power 90-120 kw
Dimension 5000*1000*200mm
Capacity 200-500 kg/h
Temperature 0-300℃


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